Indexing stucks

Hi, this is my first post.

I just a new user of windows 7, and I was really happy with the search engine of it, until today.
Here the history:
first i copied my files from the old pc and pass to this new pc (windows 7), after copy the files to a folder I organize all the files on others folders.
Then I reallize that the search engine on explorer isn´t working and on the start menu it find the files, but the path was the first path when i copied and not the real one after I orginazed the files.
So I reabuild the indexing options, that on begging i had 31000 files indexed and now I just had 525 after rebuilded, and even if I change the folders for indexing this number always stay around 530 files.

I really like the search engine, I would like that this work as suppose to work... :(



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Can you paste a screenshot of your search indexing options, including what folders you are trying to index? There may be some reason these filetypes are not appearing in the index, or some other issue is causing corruption in the index.

Thanks Mike.
I on this image above, I tried to rebuild the indexing, as you can see it´s saying that indexing finished but the pause's botton is still avaliable.

index 1.png
index 2.png


Somebody has some tip for me???

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