"infraction' ?

Last week I registered with W7 forum for the first time, I also asked a question which was answered the same day. I now have a "infraction" private message from Mike, this a. m. I attemted to ask Mike to explain "infraction" but my reply was errored because I do not at this time have 5 entries on the forum, Question... how am I expected to learn how to navigate the forum correctly if I cannot get an answer to my query....

Aldridge [still on learning curve}


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We are attempting to discourage the posting of mateiral in the wrong forums. If you received this infraction, it is likely due to the fact that you posted your message in Windows 7 Discussion, which is not a support forum on the site. We have had thousands of these posts made in Windows 7 Discussion, and are trying to clear out this unruly mess. We have begun initiating infractions and warnings to try to prevent this type of problem. Nonetheless, I have reversed your infraction since you did not understand the forum navigation.

Before posting your messages, here are some healthy suggestions:

1) Perform a search to see if the question has already been posed. If so, you can then join in that discussion, making your message more relevant.

2) Be sure to observe that there are mulitple forums for differential category of problems, specifically under "Windows 7 Help and Support". Windows 7 Discussion was not meant to be a support forum, but there are now, literally, thousands of postings in this forum.

3) Be aware that this problem now also falls under the Windows 7 Support forum itself, where problems with installations, graphics, display, networking, and other problems, which should go under those support forums have been made. The Windows 7 Support forum itself was designed for problems that go outside of the areas covered in other forums on the site.

I am sorry about your infraction, but we are trying to organize the website and prevent this type of activity from continuing. It is only through organization and archival of information that we can better help our visitors obtain the solutions and provide the solutions they are looking for. In conclusion, I have reversed this infraction for you.

Hi Mike. Thanks for the information, I shall attempt to do the right thing next time...



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Bearing in mind that, axiomatically, many users coming on the site may know little about computers, perhaps that is a rather harsh rule, with +/- 40 forums to choose from? Would it not be simpler, and more courteous, for ta moderator to move the query to the correct part of the site, with a comment to that effect.


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This went against our previous established policies, and in fact, was wrong. That being said, users who have less than 5 posts will now be double checked and asked to make sure they are starting a new thread in the right forum. They get a second shot at picking the forum.

Hi Hayden. Yes you are quite right with your comments re coming to the forum, I found the forum and wanted an answere to a little prob I had, but not knowing the forum I put the request into the wrong place, since then I have spent quite sometime in the forum on a number of occassions making myself familiar with it's layout, but even after that time and reading lots of comments I still do not know where to go to get questions answered, most of the forum I have found are discussion segments, but I shall keep trying and hope practice makes perfect.....

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