ingame freeze on win7 when playin without USB (siberia v2)

Hello there !

My cod4 freezes everytime when im tryin to play with speakers and not with
headphones.. (ss siberia v2) now i tried a lot of things.. and basicly i cant listen to music or anythin on my speakers when i put my usb (siberia v2) on.. coz they have their own sound card.. So I tried to connect my headphones not on usb but on back of the computer.. MIROPHONE WAS CONNECTED ALSO.. and it still freezed (i could listen on speakers and headphones) but i found out that u have to have your microphone pluged in to play cod4 on win7 x64.

how to fix that.. coz i find it that my weapons are shootin a bit faster and reg is also better when im not plaiyn with headphones ( i mean her soundcard) so that means that they cause some lags.. i read that can cause problems. This can sound really weird to you, but its true.. i tested it 999 times.. pls help how to make them both running at same time (speakers and headphones) without freezing or just how to make game work smoothly and to have sick REG with headphones, like i have without them.

btw its not about computer and fps.. i have steady 250.

thanks for reading !

Hope u will have some answers =)

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