Inplace Upgrade Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 7 Ultimate

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    The manufacturer of my pc installed Windows 7 Home Premium without key.
    The key I have is one for Windows 7 Ultimate so I cannot use it to activate the Home Premium copy which is curently installed on the pc. Now, my question: is there a possibilty to upgrade Windows Home Premium to Ultimate without any loss of data, programs, etc.?

    EDIT: I used Windows Anytime Upgrade
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    If the computer boots I'd copy everything important to a safe location first.
    Create a second partition or hook it up to an external hard drive.

    Check out this article.

    How to Upgrade Windows 7 Easily (And Understand Whether You Should)

    You could probably dual boot the two temporarily by installing it on another partition as well, then you could remove the old version once you are sure everything is working.

    I usually do it this way.

    Note that if you do this you will have to use EasyBCD to delete Windows 7 Home from the boot sequence before you delete it, or your computer won't boot afterwards.


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