Ok I am about at my wits end with this OS. Two biggest issues are teh audio and the networking.

For no reason whatsoever my audio just dies I lose all sound until I reboot, nothing is muted no settings have been changed it just dies. This is after unistalling cleaning then re-installing current drivers for 3 sound cards and on board sound as well. To clarify a littl emore doesn't matter if I am watching a movie, talking on vent, playing a game, or just come back with nothing else running and no system sound.

Whenever I open a browser IE, Opera, Firefox, etc it load fine for a bit then gets progressivley slower, and by slow I mean 28.8k speed slow on a 10MB connection. Also while talking in vent and just going from web page to web page I see ping times going from avg of 170 to upwards of 78k. Now this was not totally uncommon while dling large files in xp, but was never an issue just browsing web pages. I have attempted much of the same as for the sound issues I have 4 different nic cards plus on board, cleaned out old drivers, installed new ones for each nic card no improvement in performance. tracrts average about 40-50 ish ms through my ISP conencted directly to my cable modem, bypassing the router. Which, again to clarify, lag issues are persistent with or without router connected. For that matter just using the mouse wheel to scroll down the page is choppy.

I am currently running 64 bit version 7100 build as I saw no real difference with the 32 bit version.

Any help would be appreciated, although as I said not sure there is much that can be done other than reinstalling XP and waiting for windows to produce a better OS.

Or maybe try a newer build! I think there have been a couple since then!

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