Install Bootmgr on two partitions


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Hi. I have a tri-boot system on my computer, running Windows XP, Windows 7, and Ubuntu 9.04. I have Ubuntu's bootmgr GRUB running as the initial boot manager, and from there I can either boot into Ubuntu or Windows. The problem is, though, that Windows 7 installed its boot manager on Windows XP (overwrote it, from what I've googled) and not on its own partition. I need for my Windows 7 partition to have its own boot manager so that I can boot from GRUB directly into (hd0,1).

My partitions appear like this on my 74GB hard drive:
(hd0,0) - Windows XP - 30GB
(hd0,1) - Windows 7 - 24GB
(hd0,2) - Ubuntu - 20GB

When I boot into (hd0,0), I would like it to boot into XP's boot manager, and when I specify (hd0,1), I would like it to boot into 7's boot manager. However, when I tried to boot (hd0,1), I got an error stating that I don't have a bootmgr installed on that partition. Does anyone know how to install Windows 7's boot manager onto its own partition, instead of (or in addition to) XP's partition?

I hope I'm clear enough, please ask me if you don't understand. I need for there to be a boot manager on each partition.



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You will need to do more research, but you can't have (to my knowledge) 2 boot managers like you are wanting.
Basically, Grub and Windows both want to own and manage the boot sectors. You need to hack one or the other to be your primary one. It can be done as this was an issue with Vista. So, look for vista/linux dual booting and you may find your answer.

I don't do this, but have a read a little bit and this is what I remember.


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Oh, I forgot to mention, when I load Grub, then choose the first partition on my disk (Windows XP, with Win7 bootmgr), I go to the next boot manager. So it goes like this:

-Choose Partition 1
-Choose Windows XP or 7
-Load Chosen OS

I suppose I'll do a little more research then..


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Not too familiar with the workings of Grub - but here is how to get 7 boot files onto 7 partition:

Boot into 7 , go to folder options and make sure Hidden Files and protected o/s files are showing.

Copy and paste bootmgr and the pale yellow Boot folder from XP partition onto 7 partition.

It will say you can't copy bcd as it is in use - skip it and copy the rest.

Open an elevated cmd prompt and type : [ Note: Replace C: with the 7 drive letter as seen when booted into 7 ]

bcdedit /export C:\Boot\bcd

press enter , close cmd prompt.


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Thanks -- I knew it was not a matter of Grub config but actually changing some boot manager options on Windows. Looks like this works, I'll try it out and post my results.


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I just got it to work. What I wanted for the overall outcome was to be able to boot each partition without reaching a boot manager (just load the OS installed on the partition loaded).

I did this by backing up then changing my bcdedit to how I wanted it for Windows 7 BEFORE I exported it to Windows 7, then I export it. Then, I imported the backup of my original bcdedit and changed that to how I wanted XP to run (since bcdedit is already installed on XP).

All I changed on each bcdedit was removed the opposite OS from the list, e.g. delete Windows XP menu option from Windows 7's bcdedit.

Thanks. Grub is working exactly like I hoped it would. :razz: