Install disc just spins


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Tried the 32bit disc and it went right to setup for install but the 64bit disc just grinds away in the drive.
I tried a few other discs and they work fine, how do I get a replacement for this thing? Or is there a work-around for this?

Running 64bit vista currently with no problems.


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So, if you boot from the x64 it does nothing? If you are running a x64 bit system, you can install from within the OS, just copy the files over or use the disc without booting to it.

If you need a replacement, I have to assume you bought it, but where, and will that entity replace it. Or, use those files to make your own bootable DVD.


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The disc seems to be dead, can't even read the files on it. Got it from best buy online during that pre-order thingy.


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Dude that is apparently happening to me also. I got mine from the newegg pre-order bonus and it so far appears dead.