Windows 7 Install Graphics Promlems with Intel 915GM


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Feb 22, 2009
I have 2 installations of W7. The first was on a desktop computer with absolutley no problems at all. The second was on a Dell Inspiron 630M laptop where I had a number of problems. The first was that I could not get wireless due to the need of a driver. The second was a resolution issue as a result of a Intel 915gm driver. After reading this forum I saw that an easy fix was just to use Windows Updata. This did the trick immediatley for everything.

However, the next morning all I had was a very bland screen with about 2 colors. I could not see the laptop screen to do anything. I plugged in a monitor and both monitor and laptop screen were fine. Also, if the laptop was plugged in the screen was fine. I deleated the 915gm driver and now at lease I can see the screen in a rather poor res.

I have tried the windows update again, but it says that I am up to date with my drivers. I forced an update and the driver was re-installed only to go back to the same problem. I have tried to go to Intell to download the driver, but I always get an error that says that I am installing the driver with the wrong system.

For now I will live with the default driver. Can anyone suggest a proper fix?
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Go to the Intel site and download the CHIPSET DRIVER for the 915GM,and ensure you are downloading for VISTA 32 bit system if W7 32 BIT or VISTA X-64 if W7 X-64.

Check of course that the chipset really is the 915MB by downloading the chiputil.exe utility from INTEL.

You'll also want the Matrix Storage manager (for ICH7/8/8 whatever yours is).
While you are at it this should install the graphics accelerator of mobile xxxx where xxxx is your chipset.

The other source of course should be the DELL site for VISTA drivers.

I had a very similar problem after installing 7 on my Inspiron B130 (also a 915GM/910 chipset) and couldn't find a compatible driver anywhere on Intel's site. However, the second round of Windows Updates took care of it. For once, props to Windows Update. :eek:
Yes, chipset is a good idea.

Dell now offers Windows 7 drivers here:

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Just punch in your model number.
windows 7 intel 915 driver solved

Official windows 7 driver for 915 chipset is at Windows Update Catalog.
Use this one, forget tricks and unofficial things.

Navigate with IE8 to here

Microsoft Update Catalog

and install plugin. Then type Intel Intel 915GM

Then go to device manager, update driver, Select the option to "Search for Drivers on my Computer" and point it to where you downloaded the file. Then "Manually Select a Driver" Finally Select Display Adapters and the 915 Driver is there

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