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I have an x86 Win 7 Pro key that I'm not using, and a friend would like to upgrade from x64 Vista Home Premium. My question is simple - will an x86 key activate an x64 Win 7 install?



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If that key has never been used on any computer, It should work. When I went to upgrade to Windows 7 Home Premium I got both the 32-bit and 64-bit discs. The key worked for both of them. I first put in the 32-bit and decided to try the 64-bit. As I said I used the same key.

That's great news for my friend! I guess an install key is good for 32 or 64 bit version of Pro! No, it's never been used before. I had an extra key from MSDN. Thanks for the quick reply, Sonny!


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Your Welcome!


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Not nit picking, but just to clarfy a point there. Yes, the key will work (if it is not an OEM) on subsequent installations of the OS. Even on the same computer. The only point I want to indicate here is that it would be illegal to run more than one version with the same key.

This has nothing to do with illegal usage of a key. I have a spare key, which has never been used to activate Win 7 on any computer, that I am giving to a friend. On MSDN, it says that it is for x86. But my friend would like the 64 bit version. I'll find out for sure whether it works when he installs and attempts to activate!

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