Install on AMD SB750 RAID array


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I'm currently running the Windows 7 RC, and I've bought a copy of Home Premium. Tomorrow some more hardware arrives, so it's a good time to reinstall Windows 7 to the proper version.

I've backed all my data up, and I have drivers and installation packages for software stored. The next step is to erase both of my SSDs and erase them, flash the firmware to the latest version and build a RAID0 array on them. I'm quite comfortable with that and I don't expect to run into any problems.

However I know that any time I've installed Windows onto a RAID array in the past I've needed additional drivers during the initial installation.

The motherboard is an Asus M3A79-T Deluxe, and uses an AMD chipset (Southbridge is SB750). I've grabbed the drivers from AMD Game however I don't see a driver for use while Windows is installing, the drivers are the typical ATI/AMD executable packages.

Has anyone done what I'm attempting? I realise that times have changed since Windows 95, and Windows now ships with a plethora of drivers, indeed when I installed the RC (onto a single drive) I don't recall needing any drivers at all to have things functional. Is there a way to check what drivers Windows 7 ships with?


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Turns out I'm an idiot. There is a driver on the AMD Game site, and I've no idea why I missed it.

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