Install on Fat 32?


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I realise this will make me seem somewhat dinosaur-like, but for a very good reason, I would like to install Win 7 on a Fat32 partition. I cannot find any way to do so. Can anyone provide a means to do this, even perhap using Partition Magic or Acronis etc to convert the partition to Fat 32 after a NTFS install (I have no idea if that will work though).


Thang must be a Sat. cracker. Why else would anyone want to do such a thing...Thang?. I shudder at the thought.


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Don't be pedantic. I need a Fat32 partition to set up an encrypted volume which will be new tech file system. Fat32 because, if you must know, its a prob with the MBR.

Now, don't let your attention wander pal, just stick with the question. Do you have an answer? The first responder was helpful, unlike you.

pedantic - look it up first.
I would say I'm more of a anal-retent,
If you have trouble with the MBR then a different file system makes no difference. You first need to use a boot program that will rebuild/repair the MBR. I use anything by HIREN. Those boot cd's have saved my ass many times... Lots of morons alter or even delete the MBR in futile attempts to repair an OS problem.
The onlt time I used a FAT32 was back in the day to install recovery files/security files. With today's much bloated OS' using NTFS is much safer and secure. If you need it for 'tech' files then why are you asking such a bone-head question? Techies use plastic or externals called 'tools'. I don't think you know what your doing.
The best way is to delete the MBR and reboot the machine...

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