Windows 7 Install on separate Hard Drive.


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Hi, I am currently running XP Pro 32Bit on my PC and I want to install Windows 7 64Bit onto another HD keeping the XP Disc and dual booting. Does this sound possible and will there be any conflict because of the different Bit versions?. Will I have to change any settings in the BIOS to enable dual booting? Will the XP install be safe?
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I don't think there should be a problem. Though I haven't tried it in 7, there should be an option when installing to do a dual-boot, and then it will ask you which hard drive to install the new OS to.

Upon bootup, you will then be able to choose which OS to boot into. There shouldn't be a problem because they are different bit versions, I haven't heard anything like that.
You'll be fine.. Just boot off the Win 7 disc and start the install process as you normally would than once your at the partition manager just select the HDD you wish to install 7 to then let it install.. Once it's done you'll encounter the Boot Manager each time you boot up your machine.. This is where you choose which OS you want to boot into...

The fact that one is 32-bit and the other is 64-bit won't be a problem.. ;) Your XP installation should be fine, though it's always a good idea to do a backup of all your personal files JUST IN CASE.. ;)

No you don't need to change any settings in the BIOS to enable dual-booting..

The only things I'd suggest doing prior to the installation is take the time to research your hardware and make sure there are 64-bit drivers available for each device or you could be regretting the installation.. Also, make sure each app you regularly use is 64-bit compatible to avoid any headaches after you have 7 installed.. :)
Cheers guys I'm pretty sure I can get the drivers for what Ive got. Thanks for your Help. I'll post back when done!
Thanks again