Windows 7 install VMware or Virtual Box on the external hard drive?

I want to know, whether it can install Vmware or VirtualBox on the external harddisk?

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Joe S

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Maybe but the performance probably won't be very good. Firmware on the external may interfere with it things like an unlocker for password or VCD.


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You can keep the virtual disks on a external hard drive. You will want to use a drive on eSATA or USB3. On a USB2 hard drive it will be allot slower.


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I tried this once with one of those WD "Passport" backup drives. Using USB 2.0, VM performance is total crap. Haven't tried it on USB 3.0, it should be OK.

However, on that same WD Passport, I did install a Linux OS through USB 2.0, it ran fine. Not quite as fast as the internal install, but not that much slower. If it's a Linux OS that you want to use, this would be OK, but remove your primary hard drive first, or your bootloader will be overwritten. At startup, press the ESC key (or whatever key allows you the choice of boot options), it should boot fine.

This can't be done with a Windows OS. You'll need either the eSATA or USB 3.0, and run through whatever VM software that you use.


thanks for respons my question, because i want testing antivirus program at virtual machine but i won't run it in same harddisk.
then it can't. so, i cancel my test :p


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Do you have enough space on your internal drive for a Data partition? All you need is 20GB of space for a Windows 8 CP VBox or VM Ware Player install. You could install it onto that.


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