Windows 7 [install.wim] missing?

the cookie

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Jan 11, 2009
Heey everybody
I downloaded Win 7, burnt it to a DvD using Nero and started it up.
It loaded the Files, I decided on the languages and klickt "Install Now".
But all I got is this Message
"Es konnten keine Informationen für [OSImage] gesammelt werden, da die angegebene Abbilddatei [install.wim] nicht vorhanden ist."

I searched in google, but couldn't find anything. Dose someone know what to do?

greetz the cookie

Ahh Fu... its in German.
Its means as much as
"No Information for [OSImage] could be gatherd, because the File [instal.wim] does not exsist"
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I got the same error message on one of my machines and it was because the dvd drive was not spinning fast enough for the computer to read the disc. I fixed this by going to another computer and copying the files to a usb and then putting them on the other computer and starting the install from windows xp.
I dont think thats the reason for the problem on my computer, because I tried to install Win7 in a virtuall box from the .iso direktly and had the same problem.
But thx, I'll try that as soon as i get accses to a faster CD drive.
I got that that error w/2 verbatim dvd's (different pc's) ...I bought another pack of Verbatim and burned it like before, 2x using dvd decrypter and another program..same issue. I then ran the setup WITHIN vista and it allowed to me install. I chose Custom install (not Upgrade) and everything installed fine. I chose format but it still left me the windows.old folder after Beta installed...strange darco
I had a problem with the error message saying that install.wim was missing. The solution has turned out to be - Download the ISO with IE7. I was trying to use Firefox and the ISO must have got corrupted. (Or is this a cunning plan by microsoft?)
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