install win7 from usb hard disk

Hi, I have external USB HDD, 457 Gb and I like to make it bootable because i want to install win7 on that usb hdd, can you, please tell me how to do it???

download win7 iso from internet first ....

I have win 7 already... I am ready to install, but I dont know how...


Noob Whisperer
I do not believe that what you are attempting to do will likely prove successful. Installing Windows on a removable USB drive is certainly not a prescribed method and I suspect would require additional supporting third party software like PWBoot and or USBWatch, to make it work.
Even if you manage to jump through all the hoops to get it working I suspect you wouldn't be too happy with the performance issues you would likely encounter.
I wish you the best of luck but suspect that you'll likely need to attach the or a drive more conventionally in order to get your install to work properly.

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