Install windows 7 from a .vhd file

It's a long story, guys, so I'll spare you. Suffice it to say that I no longer have the .iso file of Windows7 that I downloaded from Microsoft. And as you all well know, Microsoft is no longer offering the download. What I do have is a .vhd file of this. Im not sure what exactly it is though. I know at one time I tried to install to a virtual drive so this might be what it is. I have a new 1 TB drive and recovered this .vhd file from my old drive. Can I do anything with it? This vhd that I have is 5.13 GB if that is any help. Also I recovered a file from the old disk labeled Windows7.vmc that is around 15 kb. I dont know if that is a file name I gave it or what. Dont know what the vmc file is for either.

I guess what I am asking in a nutshell, is, whether this .vhd file IS the windows installation in a virtual disk or whether it is the installation disk stored to a virtual drive. Either way...can I get Windows 7 installed and working?



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