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Today I decided to re-install windows 7 to make it was again, after backing up all the necessary files onto my on board 1TB hard drive I restartrd windows with the retail CD in the CD drive. I pressed F12 and chose to boot with CD rom, now after several minutes whilst the CD was starting up I filled in all the language, time and keyboard settings and pressed next. Then clicked install now.
About 10 minutes later the next set of options showed up, Normal install and Custom install. I clicked custom. I then proceded to formate the main hard drive and then clicked on it to select and pressed next... .
It now was saying, "setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition". So I tried to fix this by deleting the main hard drive and the other two vanished aswell (not including the 1TB one). So I then clicked new on this 150G hard drive and then clicked on, it now says Primary hard drive. I then clicked next. ..
The same thing, "setup wa unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition". now I'm getting stressed out and I really want to fix this today so I came to the internet.

Please can someone help me?
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Hi JasonFrayers, welcome to Windows 7 Forums, Hope you enjoy your stay.

Did you when you were asked to select the partition, delete all the partitions, so the drive was one large partition and then format the drive using the quick format.

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Yes I actually did that. Only after I got the error the first time, why was that bad?

why was that bad?

It's not, that is what you're supposed to do.

Try removing the 1TB Drive and installing, Is this drive you are using for the windows 7 an IDE (One of those that use a large, fat ribbon cable) or a SATA Drive, wich uses a red smaller cable. If it's IDE set the drumper on this drive to master. and make sure all the connections for the drive are properly connected. If it's sata also try and move the drive to another SATA connector.

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