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Hi all,

Apologies if this has been mentioned already but I could not find an answer. I am running Vista Home Premium SP2 and am trying to upgrade to Windows 7 but having no luck.

It starts to install but then hangs at the first stage "collecting information" with a box on the screen saying "Compatibility Report (saved to desktop). I have left it for over an hour with no progress so when I hit close it all goes and I have to start again?

When I go to open the compatibility report on the desktop there is nothing in it. I have also tried downloading the upgrade advisor. I have saved it to my desktop but when I double click on it, it will not open.

I am at a loss as to what to do next. I am no computer expert, far from it so some help would be very much appreciated. In case it is relevant I am using a desktop pc, Intel Pentium D 2.66 GHZ - 3GB RAM - 64 Bit operating system.


I have the exact same situation. Downloaded Win7 and attempted to upgrade Vista Ultimate 32 to Win 7. The system hangs at collecting information.

The problem discription below is the exact situation i am experiencing. Very frustrating.



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Do you have a percentage when it starts to hang?

Do you show a file setupact.log in your Windows\Panther directory, and if so could you post the last 10 lines or so?

Otherwise, do not try to use 2 monitors, disconnect any devices you can, which includes USB type devices. Maybe turn off any anti-virus software. You do not have to be connected to the net to do the install. Do you use Trend Micro?

What version of Win 7 are your upgrading to? And how exactly are you doing the install?

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-The status bar gets to less than 50%, now everytime i restart the install it goes directly to that point and stops.
-I am upgrading from Vista Ultimate to Win7 Professional
-I am not at the computer right now will respond to the 10 lines tonight.
-Running AVG antivirus. Was not turned off however will do this tonight
-Single Monitor not dual
-Only Mouse and keyboard attached to USB
-No trend micro SW that I am aware of. Should i be looking for someting specific.
-How am I installing. Downloaded from UltimateSteal Educational Site. Ran the install after download.


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Mine is fixed!. I rang Windows support and they walked me through it. I logged in as administrator and performed a clean boot. All installed ok.

Sorry, would you mind letting me know what number you called? Will try this tonight.

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