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I'm trying to get 7 installed on my pc, everything went fine until i got to the "Finalizing your settings" screen, the last screen before you get to login/desktop, and it seems to be stuck, its been on this screen for about a 45mins.

My question is, is it actually stuck or does this screen just take a while?


ps. Windows 7 RC1 Home Premium x86
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That screen shouldn't take that long... ;) Also, Your not using Windows 7 RC as it's not even released yet.. You may be using one of the daily builds (some of which are rumoured to be close to the RC but the fact remains they are NOT the RC.. ;) ) What is the build number? Some have been reporting alot of problems with build 7057 (both x86 and x64 bit versions). I have not used any build after 7000 (the public beta) as there really is no point since they are all daily builds and as a result can cause problems like the one you are currently having. Build 7000 is perfectly fine and very stable.

To find out exactly what the problem is here we're going to need some more details though.. like a general break down of your system specs.. (Motherboard, CPU, amount of RAM, etc). Also, are you installing on a second HDD or a second partition or is this the only partition/HDD you have setup on your PC? Did you do an "upgrade" or a "clean install"?

It sounds like either your ISO is corrupt (which could have happened while burning it, or it could have been corrupt from the get go) Which program did you use to burn the ISO? Another possibility is you may have a device plugged in that is conflicting with the installation (such as a usb drive, webcam, external HDD, etc).

What I would suggest doing is either re-burn the ISO using a different burning program (Nero for example is a very good one, you can download a trial version of it) and try reinstalling. OR Obtain a copy of Win 7 build 7000 and try installing that and see if you have better luck. OR you could also wait for the RC to be released (not long to wait now ;) ) and try that....

Once we have a few more details it'll be much easier to provide you with a possible solution.. :)
oops, yeah it is 7057 my bad.

No idea what the problem was but, I forced a restart after staring at my pc for an hour lol. Everything started up fine and no problems. :)

Thanks Radenight