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I am going to purchase a Notebook with Windows 7 Premium pre-installed. The salesman I spoke to said that it doesn't come with the OS Disc or Restoration Discs. The only way I can get the Notebook back up and running if I have problems is if I make my own Restoration Discs (3 - 4 DVD's). I asked if I could install Windows 7 Home Peremium (Retail) from the disc I have already purchased (activated on another pc) & use the Product Key from the Notebook to set up the Notebook to my liking but he said no. Is he telling me the truth or can I use my own Win 7 disc, the notebooks Product Key & successfully activate for internet use?

The Notebooks specs are
Model number: C650/01E
Processor: Core i3 350 2.26GHZ
HDD: 320GB
Win 7 Premium
DVD Writer
15.6 Widescreen
Onboard Graphics: Not stated
Intergrated Wireless

The salesman also said that the 2GB RAM wasn't enough & that I needed 4GB, (like the more expensive model next to it) even though I told him the notebook was primarily going to be used for internet surfing (wireless) with a little bit of audio playback (iTunes) & the occasional movie. Is 2GB RAM enough for what I intend to do?




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Basic memory requirement is 1 G for a 32 bit version and 2 G for a 64 bit version. Having 4 G would be nice, but you do meet the basic requirements. If you find it running slow, you might want to get more.

Are you running 32 or 64 bit?

What you have installed on your system is probably an OEM version of the software. You can normally reinstall that without needing an activation key. So I would say you could not activate your other copy using the OEM key. But many laptops come with a recovery partition. You might open Disk Management (diskmgmt.msc) and see if there is a small partition that probably does not have a label. But if your salesman said it did not have one, it may not. Check your owner's manual to see what the recovery procedure is, and do make copies of the special items necessary to restore your system and if you have an external drive, an image backup is always good.

Your question has been answered at the other forum website you posted it on.

Thank you for the responses.

I will be using the 32bit OS.


Hello again,

A quick update to let everyone know that you can use your own Windows 7 Home Premium DVD (Retail) & the Product Key from a newly purchased Notebook (Windows 7 Home Premium OEM pre-installed), reformat the hard drive to remove bloatware, activate & gain internet access. The only issue I ran into was when I tried to activate over the internet. A message popped up informing me my Activation Limit had been reached. I rang Microsoft & activated by phone & now my new Notebook is activated, updated & running like a dream.


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