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Just started to install my Windows 7. Started good and all but when I came to the section where I should chose where I wanted to install my Windows 7 it stands that it couldnt find a system partition. Even though it stands that the partition I want to install it on is off the type SYSTEM. Thought it would create this partition on it's own if it wasent there already.

Anyone had this problem aswell and know what to do?

Thanks in advance stakkabo!


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Hello an welcome to the windows7forums.

Are you performing a "clean" install or an upgrade?

Is this a purchased disk?

Yeah it's a clean install and the version is bougth. Previously had windows XP on the partition that I want to install W7 on.
So I removed the partition and formated it again so it's "clean" and when I chose that partition to install it on it just says.
"Couldnt create a system partition or find an existing system partition. Please check the installation logg files."
Or something like that.


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How did you remove the partition?

Just pressed remove in the meny that you get from the installation wizard with W7.


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Is this a purchased disk.

Is it a Student version?

Student version through MSDN.


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The student version isn't an iso. It's just the files and if you simply write them to a disk they won't boot. There are couple fixes to make either a bootable usb with unetbootin... or make a bootable iso with some other process that I couldn't get to to work. It's way easier just to go to my blogs and use the linkns to download the full iso from Microsoft.

Thanks go to tblount for this solution.

Okey. But the version I downloaded from the MSDN was a iso file. Burned it to a dvd and the disk boots and everything. As it should or? Got a friend from that has got it from the same place and he's working as it should.


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OK, if it's an ISO file I would suggest using Imgburn and burn at it;s slowest speed and use a good quality name-brand DVD

Download Imgburn here:

The Official ImgBurn Website

Okey thanks for all the help will come back if I run into anymore problems!

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