Windows Vista Installation Seems to go Idle, but Remain Unresponsive


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Well, whenever I try to install or reformat my PC, it seems to randomly go idle during the process. The screen goes out, but the CD tray continues to spin and the PC seems to stay on, if anything crank up the speed of the fans. I'm forced to power off the PC, and start over each time.

It first did it when I tried to upgrade to the Win7 RC, then I thought it might've been time for a clean wipe anyways, I tried to reformat via the HP Recovery disc, and finally I went out and bought a brand new copy of Vista. Like an idiot, I bought an upgrade disc, and I'm currently trying the clean install workaround.

I think it might be overheating, but I'm not entirely sure. I got through enough to install an unactivated copy of Vista, but when I try to upgrade to my activated version, it does it. I'm out of ideas, so maybe you guys could help.
So your saying that everytime you try and upgrade your computer it overheats?

I'm not sure why it should be doing that but it sounds like you've got chronic dust build up? Check and see.

Even with an 'upgrade disk you can still do a fresh install. All that happens is that the install disk looks for a previous version of windows on the harddrive. If it doesn't find one, because it's a brand new drive, then it won't install. It will install however if it's a reformatted drive then it's just a case of changing the boot order to CD/DVD and booting with the disk in.
Yeah, I've cleaned out all of the dust, installed a new fan, left the side off overnight to let the computer be as cool as can be, and still nothing.

I can do everything on my PC, run Crysis, edit HD video, and crazy stuff like that. But whenever it comes to anything that has to do with upgrading my OS, it does the same thing. Screen turns off, fans crank to full speed, and I get angry :(