Windows 7 Installation Trouble


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May 20, 2009
I'm trying to download the windows 7 RC1 32bit iso image but each time I get the same error message: "The server returned an error. would you like to retry?"

I'm looged on as an administrator, my antivirus and firewall are disabled...

Would be great if anyone has the solution

No idea. All i could recommend is look on torrent sites. Or i could upload my downloaded copy to a file sharing site.


Have you tried the download from another/someone else's computer? You may want to give that a try...

Please don't use a torrent site, you're asking for trouble.:frown:

Are you doenloading it directly from MS?

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I agree with Reghakr, don't use a torrent site if at all possible.. You'll avoid many potential headaches.. ;) The link reghakr provided should work.. Which browser are you using to download the ISO?..