Installed applications no longer accepts files by Drag and Drop


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[SOLVED] Installed applications no longer accepts files by Drag and Drop

This weird little issue started happening yesterday. I can no longer drag and drop files into programs that I have installed.

For example:
- I can no longer drop .mkv files into MKVMerge
- I can no longer drop .mp4 files into Handbrake
- I can no longer drop several files into ReNamer

And the list goes on... I find it very weird that this happened all of a sudden, because I was able to do these things just two days ago!

All I get when I try to drop files into a program that I KNOW accepts files is that black circle with a line across it. Nothing else happens. No error messages or anything like that.
I can still move/copy files from different explorer windows, but whenever I try to drag and drop a file or several files from an explorer window to an application that accepts files by drag and drop (like MKVMerge), nothing happens. This means that I have to manually open the file in the program rather than dragging and dropping the file, which is incredibly annoying!

I've tried looking around for answers to this weird issue, but I found nothing useful. Several threads I've looked at mentions the "Enable context menus and dragging and dropping" checkbox in the Customize Start Menu window, which is checked on my system, and I've even tried unchecking and rechecking it several times.

I'm running a fully updated version of Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on my desktop computer, and I'm the only user (and administrator) on this computer.

I really hope someone has a solution to this weird issue, because I really don't want to reinstall Windows just because of this.

Thanks in advance for any contributions you may have.

EDIT: Now it suddenly works again! I really have no idea what caused it. I did uninstall some programs earlier today, but I don't see why that could have caused anything, as I have had those programs for a while.

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