Windows 7 installed to dual boot with XP but only boots to win 7 when RC DVD in the drive.


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First post, love the new OS!

I installed win 7 to dual boot with XP, the way I saw on lifehacker or basically any other site. They are both installed on a single drive using different partitions. Unless I leave the Win7 DVD in the drive, I dont get to boot to win 7 or even get it as an option, it just goes to XP. When I installed this on my tablet PC it gave me the ''earlier version of Windows" screen. How do I get that screen on this computer?
on windows xp, press the Win button + R and type msconfig and press enter, do you see windows 7 AND windows xp there?

if so then you could select windows 7 and click the 'Set As Default' button so it boots straight into windows 7 instead of XP, hope this helped, even though i was vague, charlie.

edit: sorry, you have to click the 'boot' menu first in the msconfig window you open, sorry for not including that !
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I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues with your W7 machine and your dual booting system. You might want to consult the Windows 7 forum at, there may be some information about compatibility with your system, please keep in mind, if your system was stable before, and you have the Vista Drivers they will work with Windows 7, so you may want to revert to them.
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This might be cause by the 100MB partition that Windows 7 boots from.

try going to Start < Run, and type diskmgmt.

post back with a screenshot of the hard drive setup, including whether is a Boot, Pagefile, System, etc partition'

You can also download Easy BCD to modify the Bootmanager.

It can be located here:

[URL=""]EasyBCD 1.7.2[/URL]