Installed Vista Now My 2nd Hard Drive Does Not Show Up

I just installed Vista and it looks and runs pretty great, but I have a hard drive that isn't showing up. It's a 200 gig Maxtor hard drive that was running fine when I had XP installed, but now seems non-existent. I haven't made any physical changes to my machine.

I know in some of the earlier days of XP; shortly after large drives started becoming more prevalent, there was a driver for mass storage devices that needed to be installed. Is this the same for Vista?

Well I've had the new OS installed for about a week now and haven't been able to find any support for this issue....and I've been scouring the internet pretty thoroughly. Can some one throw me a bone please?



If you are using Vista home it doesn't support dynamic disks. You will need to convert your dynamic disk to a basic disk before Win Vista will see it. YOu can take the disk to a win XP professional computer and conver it. Of course you will need to back up your data first.

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