Windows 7 Installed Win7 on old Dell Laptop, monitor driver issue

That Guy 2-1

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Hi everyone, ultra noobie here...

I just installed RC.1 on my desktop and it worked like a charm, love it!

Then I went ahead and did the same on my Laptop. It's an old Dell Inspiron 1100 series (service tag 9M93T31 if you'll want to see exactly what it is on I know my hardware isn't up to par with what Win7 would like, but it seems to be working fine; although a little slow 'cos it only has 500MB ram for now; planning to upgrade if I can get this issue fixed, if not going back to XP Pro.

So my issue is that after I clean sweep and install Win7 the display is only about half size and positioned in the middle; everything else around is black. This used to be okay when it was on XP 'cos i can just download the latest Intel driver under that service tag from Dell and it'll come back to its original size (full screen). With Win7, when I try to install the driver, it says something like "does not support this software version" and shuts down the installation.

My question is, is there a way to migrate that driver to Win7? I've tried looking for a driver but have some up short ... thanks for your help guys... I did an online chat with Dell and the dude didn't know squat about win7 and wanted me to use their call-in "paid" service.