Installed Windows 7 and now can't seen...Windows 7


I installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit RTS version some times ago. I worked great and I used to triple boot 7, vista, ubuntu with easy bcd. Then I went back to Vista because all of my programs are there and I was too lazy to make the switch then. After some time, 7 was officially released so I went back to my version of it to see how it's going, and I can no longer see it from the boot list. Everything looks fine in Easy BCD but the actual boot screen upon start doesn't have 7.

Any ideas where my 7 has gone?

Add Win 7 again to your boot menu. EasyBCD is the easiest way if it works. If it doesn't I explain the 3 commands you can run from a command prompt to add an entry to the multi boot menu... in my blogs here.

Hi Tblount,

Thank you for your speedy reply. Actually 7 never disappeared from Easy BCD's boot list within the program itself. What I mean was that it disappeared from the actual boot list when I start up my computer. I followed your advice anyways and removed then added 7 back on to EBCD. Still no results.

Here are a few odd things that I didn't clarify before:

1) When I first installed 7. My Vista disappeared. I solved this problem by re-activating my Vista partition, installing EBCD and adding Vista to EBCD. All of this was done in the 7 partition. After this everything worked fine. I've used 7 multiple times via the boot menu since then.

Now keep in mind that by this point I have 2 versions of EBCD installed, one in 7 and one in Vista.

2) When 7 disappeared from the start-up boot list today, I opened up EBCD in Vista for the first time in ages and see the following message: "Unfortunately, EasyBCD could not automatically detect the drive letter of your boot device. This can be caused by a non-standad MBR, use of a 3rd-party bootloader, or a failed Windows Vista install...."

3) When I manually chose the correct boot drive as C (the Vista partition), I was able to start EBCD. At this point, when I check the View Settings tab the 7 boot is marked with the drive letter 'U'. I got confused, and removed and added 7 back to the list with the correct letter E but behold! In 'View Settings' it still says U.

Any more insights?

Are you using 2 drives or two partitions?

Did you make the multi-boot menu on Win 7 or another os?

If you have two or more drives I would unplug them all except the one win 7 is on.

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