installed windows 7 on E drive instead of c. no space now!

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by steveo, Dec 27, 2009.

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    i had windows 7 ready to install into my C drive and over vista, but had not enough space required for the install and couldnt remove any files/programs etc because the major space factor on c drive was mainly in the winxsx file which i understand should NOT be touched!

    so the only option i had was to put it into E drive which has a more than enough of space on it for windows 7, but now i have vista just plodding along on my laptop taking up needed space! how can i remove vista and get back my space on C drive? or better yet remove unwanted space from C drive and start from fresh??

    thanks alot for your time
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    You can use disk management to extend a partition to make it larger, if there is unused space behind it. Then the partition would be large enough for whatever.

    We are talking about one hard drive here, or do you have 2?

    When you do a custom install over another OS, the drive is basically wiped, but the old files are moved to a folder called Windows.old and a couple of hidden folders. So it takes a little extra room, about 2 or 3 GB for the old files, depending on how much stuff you had on the Vista install.
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