Installed Windows 7 on new computer-- unusual startup issue

So I built a new pc and just installed Windows 7. The installation appears to have gone well, but I'm encountering the following issue:

when starting up, windows goes to a screen with a desktop backdrop (the minimalist one with the bird and leafs, if that is of any importance) and it says "windows 7 evaluation copy. Build 7100" in the corner. And that's it; it stays on that screen until the computer sleeps from being idle.

After I wake it up from being idle, though, I'm logged into my account and everything appears to function perfectly fine! It appears I can only do this if the windows install CD is in the drive though.

If I press ctrl+alt+del at the screen it stalls on, it just changes to a black screen that I can't do anything from, until the computer falls asleep.

I've tried reinstalling the OS.

I haven't connected to the internet yet.

Any ideas what this could be? Could this be a driver issue?

What is the normal sequence of events for a windows 7 startup?


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