Installer Error in fresh Windows 7 Ultimate installation !!!


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hi there,

i installed Windows 7 Ultimate x64, build 7600 now 4 times on my Laptop (Samsung C2D 1,6GHz 1GB RAM)
1install: after updating the win7 and installing Office 2007 OLP the windows installer is something corrupt i dont kow.
-> i cant install any kind of msi nor peace of software which use the installer eg. adobe reader oder sun java
2install: i just wantet to test if the problem exist if i dont install office , so i just did the windows update and tried to install adobe reader. same problem
3install: i just installed a fresh windows 7 ultimate and tried to install adobe reader. same problem.

Problem Translated from german to eng.: dont care about syntax ^^
Windows Installer:
This Installation Paket could not be opened. Make sure the pakage exist and u have access to it.
Or let the vendor proove if this is a valid windows Installerpakage.

Do`s to fix the problem (solutions)
- make the registry tweak for the SQM, disabling quality bla... (known beta error) doesnt fix the problem
- tried to set a new temp dir with new ntfs rights (doesnt work)
- give ALL users access to the temp dir (doesnt work)

Consider that i testet same OS on my Desktop Machine, no errors at all there...
I didnt had have the problem as i was testing the RC1 Ultimate on the same Laptop.
Its gonna make me crazy... ;(

im out of ideas now, can somebody help me ?

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Have you right clicked the installers and ran as admin? often overlooked life saver.


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yeh sure that was the first thing ive tried ;-)

i actually testet it with uac disabled. wont work as well ;(


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come on . nobody can help there ?

i already tried to install the x32 of ultimate. same problem. direct after install im not able to install any windows installer based aplication....

i cant believe that im the first and only one having this problem ???

is it possible that the error is based on the translation ?
the RC 1 was english and worked fine

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