Installer problem error code 2329


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I have windows 7 Ultimate beta installed on my laptop and all has been great until I went to update my iPhone software and found that I couldn't uninstall iTunes as I get this error message. I have tried a couple of things i have found as a possible remedy such as sfc scannow but the problem is still there.
I have tried using total uninstall that i have on the laptop but i get the same error message. I have tried installing a new uninstaller but i get the same error message so its not just linked to iTunes.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thnks in advance :)


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Have the same problem, same error. I've tried downloading iTunes 9 x64 several times, but still no luck. Hope someone has a good suggestion


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Error Code 2329

Hello all, when i try to uninstall the visual studio 2008 sp1 i get this "2329" error code, here is the image, pls help, thank you.



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Thanks for the answer I'm sure someone might find it useful.
I can't try it now though as am now running the retail copy of Windows 7 Ultimate x64 now with no problems :)


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Hi, I resolved my problem with error code 2329.... Its very simple.. Just disable your anti-virus and anti-spyware applications, then run the process again..... It will complete successfully.. Hope this helps....