Installing Adobe Acrobat Pro - Error 1317 or 1310

Ok, this is a complicated back-story. Wasting third day trying to setup my old PC for my mom (new one coming tomorrow).

So first I did a clean XP install on one partition. Then through it installed windows 7 on second partition.

On the Win7 partition, first time I tried to installed Adobe Acrobat Professional I got an error during install. I think it was 1310. Then I decided to try to install Office 2003, got same error about 20% through. Very strange. I messed with some folder permissions, ran as administrator, even tried creating an administrator account and installing in there, same result.

Then I decided to re-install everything again from scratch. Formatted the disk, made new partitions, installed XP, installed Win7 Pro. Tried to install office 2003 first, that worked.

Then tried to install Acrobat 8 Pro again, error 1310. Then download Acrobat 9 Pro from Adobe to see if a newer version might do the trick. Similar error 1317, this on about attempting to create a directory in program files\adobe\acrobat9.0\designer8.2\de\templates.

Interestingly, the story doesn't stop there. After one of these errors happens, I think it causes some sort of file system error. One time I got a baloon setup_wm (if I remember right) something about file system being corrupt and unstable. And if I try to open a browser after that things don't work. If I reboot, it runs chkdsk and everything seems fine after, but no matter what I try I can't get passed that error.

Any ideas?

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