Installing ATI driver, can't see desktop icon

I have problem installing ATI 5990 driver to the Windows 7 OEM. After I install it and doing restart, I can't see anymore desktop icon, nothing, only Desktop Backround.
If I do CTRL+Alt+delete, screen goes black, then hitting ESC I can see the mouse, if I move little bit. I can do right-click and can choose only Resoulution, Gadgets and Personalize. Others don't response like ATI CCC.
With XP and Vista I didn't had no problem, so right now I have no idea, how to solve it.
Only Windows (7) reinstall help. PC is High-end, 2-3 days old.
If I putted wrong topic, please move it to the right topic, thank you.

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Edit: Windows 7 and Vista are 64-bit Ultimate, XP 32bit.

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Hi. It should be as simple as installing the driver from here:

Drivers & Support | GAME.AMD.COM

If your copy of Windows is not genuine and authentic, this may be a problem.

Windows 7, and rest, are completely legal.
I have downloaded that site already with Full Catalyst Software Suite and even tryed by ATI Installation Driver CD, so I'm not gonna even trying install it again, I have already done it about 4 times, until I know exactly, what problem is, if I even found it.

Since you tried different versions, you be well off to use Driver Sweeper from to clear your machine of all ATI drivers/settings/files. Then reboot. Install the latest Suite drivers I linked to.

Good luck.

(While doing this, it would be in your best interest to first type msconfig in the start menu and hit enter. Then go to startup tab. Check the box to disable all. After the driver is installed successfully, you can go back and enable them or do so one by one until the issue arises again. This way, you can be sure if there is an issue with one of your startup programs.)

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This could be bit complicated. I can't see nothing on msconfig at Startup, I can click Disable All, but closing Window and opening again I can do it again.
I think I don't have no driver installed, because I reinstalled about 2 hour Windows 7 again, because of that ATI driver. Well, I can try at Startup to disable all, same time installing ATI driver, but I don't give too much hope.

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