installing error, freezes on starting windows screen

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Installation' started by obviam.ire, Jun 12, 2009.

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    right, a while ago i dual booted windows 7 onto my vista running laptop and it works perfectly. It is a huge improvment on vista, it is faster, better designed and its new features are very useful.
    Because of this sucess i know am trying to dual boot it onto my xp running desktop.
    Unfortunatly it doesnt seem to like it.

    i have used the same technique that i did on my laptopto install it. I have burnt the iso file onto a disk and run that disk while the computer is running. checked for online updates and done a clean install. the installation works fine and quite quickly untill it comes to the first restart. it restarts and i select "windows setup" on the bios screen as apposed to "an earlier version of windows" which is my xp partition. it then changes to the starting windows screen that happens just like on my laptop, except the windows logo never materialises and it stays as a black screen with the words "starting windows" on it. i have left the computer on overnight and no change.
    I have tried reinstalling several times with no luck, both using the same method as before and booting from the disk at startup. Although when i boot from the disk it just skips straight to the same frozen windows startup screen.

    i have downloaded the windows 7 adviser software but the program cant seem to make its mind up. Sometimes it announces that my graphics card cant run windows 7 aero and sometimes its fine.
    I cant figure it out. I have checked the windows 7 specs and my graphics card appears to meet all the requirements, both dedicated memory and direct x 9 support.

    Here are my pc specs:
    Dell dimension 5150
    XP professional sp3
    3ghz intel pentium 4
    5 gb RAM
    Radeon x300 SE 128mb hypermemory
    direct x 9.0
    creative SB live! 24-bit
    160gb maxator SATA HDD

    I have had a look through the other posts but i cant find this specific problem.

    I think its probably that the graphics card isnt up to standard but i thought i would run it past you all before spending on a new card.
    any ideas?
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    Solution found.....Public notice

    Hello, i know reviving old threads is frowned upon, but for all thoes people who are experiencing this problem, i have a few tips that worked for me.

    Solving Windows free on startup....(this can happen when even booting from the startup disk, it has nothing to do with any drivers or software related issues) If you have sprung upon this problem after installing a driver, then it is a possibility, but for the majority of people who havent been able to enter windows, this is for you.

    Fault finding process;

    1. UNPLUG all USB connectors, including keyboard and mice USB. Use PS2 keyboard for BIOS settings
    Reboot windows, Problem still stands??? Yes - move onto step 2. No - Diagnose which USB is causing your problems (connect one by one untill windows fails to boot. Main possibility is USB keyboard. Try disabling any USB Keyboard options in the BIOS.

    2.Enter BIOS settings - Depending on your BIOS, Disable any USB Keyboard options.
    Test Windows?, Move onto step 3

    3. Disable ALL LAN Networking Controllers from the BIOS!. Try removing LAN boot from the Boot sequence options.
    (Disabling network controllers worked for me.)
    Failing to succeed move onto step 4

    4. Disable all Raid options in the BIOS

    5. Switch off your computer, remove one by one, each pci card you may have, and retry booting. Do not re-insert the card removed until all cards are removed. 2 cards could be simultaneuosly causing the problem. By PCI cards, i mean the accessories, such as WIFI cards, tv capture cards etc from inside your computer. Removing the graphics card may be an option if you have onboard graphics to switch to.
    -If windows boots on the removal of your graphics card, this could indicate a video setting issue with in you BIOS.

    6. Disable any special motherboard functions, they may not be compatible with windows 7.
    Make a backup of your BIOS settings before tinkering, save a BIOS profile if your motherboard supports it, or reset to defaults if you cant remeber what youve changed.

    Failing upon that....
    Try inserting the windows disc and booting from it, if you still get the freeze, it is a BIOS issue, so the fix is in that BIOS somewhere! Youve just got to find it!
    Try removing all hard drives and booting, If you windows disc succeeds to boot, and enters a hard drive - driver select window, then your windows disc is most likely fine, meaning the disc is not the source of the problem.
    Try plugging in a hard drive used for storage through IDE or sata. One that doesnt have a windows platform installed.
    If the freeze stilll occurs when booting from the disc, you can be sure its not a driver related issue.

    I hope this help!
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    Hallo obviam.ire I try on the same environment, Dell 5150 (all details as yours, the only difference being the XP Home) and get the same error!! I read the feedback from stevemilw and knowing it is almost 1.5 years ago, did it help you? Did you find a solution you can share please? Thank you in advance Regards minas2
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    W7 on Dell Dimension 5150

    I found it. Just remove all RAM except 2GB. Then everything worked fine. Regards minas2

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