Installing Games on Windows 7 OS

I don't play many games on my computer, but occassionally I enjoy (or used to) playing Bejeweled or specifically Jewel Quest. I purchased the latest Jewel Quest game from Best Buy and it said it was compatible with Windows 7, and in fact in installed fine. When I attempted to play the game I got a gray screen, then a white screen then a screen that resembled a flat with red, white and green strips -- and these three screens just kept alternating. I couldn't stop them; I couldn't Cnt/Alt/Del out of it and I coluldn't get to the start menu to shut down. I turned the computer off manually. Upon restarting, the computer would not go past the "Windows" screen. I did this a number of times, but was never able to get it to reboot normally. I ended up having to boot in Safe Mode, uninstall the game that I had installed and do a recovery reboot to an earlier date (yesterday) in order for my computer to come back up normally. I had this very same problem when I tried resetting the screen resolution manually to play another game that I had installed. I ended up abandoning the idea. I am guessing that the problem that I am having has to do with the 64bit OS as opposed to a 32bit - but if the game says it is compatible with Windows 7 would it not automatically be able to run on a 64 bit OS.??? Any help would be appreciated. I am not so much concerned with the game as I am with other software that I may want to install in my computer. Any suggestions what might be going on or if there is a patch or a Windows update that I need to install to fix this problem?



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32 bit games are compatible with a 64 bit OS. Sounds like you are having hardware or driver problems. Whens yhe last time you updated your graphics drivers?

Actually I updated my Flasherplayer just before I installed the game. Otherwise, I have my Windows Updates set to automatic. What other Graphics drivers should be updating and should I be updating them manually?


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What brand and model number is your computer?

I have an All-In-One Acer Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit OS. I am not sure where to find the Model Number ... ?

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