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I require the scanning function on a HP C7280, however I cannot install under windows 7. I get the message Unsupported O/S. Anyone have any idea on how I can get it going. HP does not have drivers yet.



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HP have any Vista drivers?

That's how I got mine to work - slightly different problem - 7 installed the scanner Ok, but put the printer in "unknown devices".

I rt clicked the "unknown device" in device manger, selected update drivers , let me choose or whatever it says ( something similar)

and pointed it at the Vista partition "C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository".

It found drivers there and installed them no trouble.

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to make sure I'm understanding, you don't have an issue printing right? This is scanning.........might be able to confirm a problem but I've not ever done a scan (I have the same printer) For printing, it works way better than my toshiba vista 64 does with the included setup (all wireless)

I just tried to do a scan and all I get is "no scan option" :(

I don't have the "hp" software installed, trying not to clog up with useless stuff. Don't know if I can help at all.

HP Printer

I installed my J6480 multifunction printer with the install cd that came with the printer. Use the Vista compatibility function and mine worked fine, all functions. Mine also said Windows 7 not supported, but I changed it run Vista compatibility.

go to hp and select the printer that your using. That printer will give you the software to download. Download the software then once downloaded you will need to change the os compatibility to windows vista. I don't recall the exact steps to change compatibility. I think its the setup.exe/properties/compatibility/choose vista/ apply the software will then execute and run as if you were using the vista os.

Again don't know the exact link.


Thanks to all that replied. as suggested finally got it to install using Vista Compatibility mode. Took 3 times as long as it should but it got there eventually. Can't wait till all the main companies start releasing Windows 7 drivers.


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