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My DVD drive no longer works on my Asus N81VP-D1. If I connect my laptop hard drive to another computer and then install windows 7 to the harddrive using that computer and then put the harddrive back in my laptop, will it work?


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Before you do that, you might want to try and clean the lense on your DVD ROM. I thought that mine quit working and out of desperation tried cleaning the lense/sensor. That did the trick. If that doesn't work I am sure someone will let you know the answer to your question. I don't know the answer myself.

Theoretically it should work. Practically maybe not so much. The big problem I see is you running into will be authentication of the OS. It might not let you activate Windows, but that might work. The next is driver issues. If you get all the drivers before you put it into the new system, then install the driver software, you should be okay. Like I said though, theoretically it should work.


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As has been suggested you have other alternatives and the process you are considering is not likely to succeed as the HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) is likely to be so dis-similar that your machine is unlikely to even boot.
Consider installing from a USB device (Jump Drive, Thumb Drive, whatever) see the following article, it's relatively easy and requires only a 4gig drive.
How To Setup a USB Flash Drive to Install Windows 7 - How-To Geek
Additionally consider acquiring an external USB or FireWire DVD player, perhaps from a friend or family member or even if you have to purchase one they are relatively cheap now and will likely save you some serious headaches.
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I have played with old HDD from my brothers dad's work. We put them in to old machines and even new ones, and we never had any problems with booting. But that is not to say that it cant happen.

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