Installing Outlook in Win7

Howard Walker

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As I do not like the webmail system that comes with live, I installed Microsoft Outlook 2000 from an early version of Office .
It crashes with an error "unable to find "wab.dll" which is the windows address book file.
Has anyone else had this probelm, or is it an error of installation?

Why Outlook Express has been removed from the windows office family I do not know. I downloaded the beta version of office 2010 just to see whwther the Outlook in that version worked. I found a version that is difficult to read with its pale colours and no option to change them,, no menus, a thing called a ribbon that is completely unusable, and a help system that is almost impossible to find. I set it not supposed to downlaod mail automatically, but it still insists on trying to do so. I like to download mail when I say so, not when the computer decides it wants to.

When will Microsoft learn that change for changes sake is a waste of their time and their customer's time.

They have lost one customer here, as I will be swithcing to Open Office, which so far has shown no sign of changing the familiar interface that has worked well for so many years.

Howard Walker


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I'm with u drew - to put it bluntly Howard you are talking through the wrong hole in your body. I am running Office 2010 and so far I have had no problems with it. I do however have a grip or two which I passed on to microsoft as they have requested because "it is a BETA". The other thing Howard is "it is a BETA" please remember that "it is a BETA" when you are criticizing BETA software.

Sorry fro my sarcasm but it is a BETA.



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Check out this post. It deals with Vista but Windows 7 is essentially the same in this regard.

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By the way, I really like both Office 2007 and 2010. It does take a little getting used to but in the long run, I believe it is better.

Howard Walker

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To clarify a few things.
1. I used office 2000 first to check whether it worked, and because my office 2003 is only licenced for one computer.
2. I evaluated Office 2007 for a few months and decided it was not worth the bother of getting to know how to use it, mainly because it makes no allowances for people that have eyes that are older than 28 years.
3. I evaluated Vista for some time and came to the same decision as most corporate people that it was a no go area.
4. I evaluated Win7 for about 5 months and apart from its lack of any sort of useable email system, decided that, other than its none too intuitive filing system, that will not work properly with my expensive Adobe CS4 software, it probably was worth getting to know. Others did the same, which is possibly why more people bought Win7 in the first week of sale than ever bought Vista in its entire lifetime.
5. Just about every person that I talk to who has tried Office 2007 has had the same reaction as myself.
6. I do know that office 2010 is a Beta - I downloaded and installed it from the Beta download page. However, even in beta stage, it should have some type of consideration for people who have less than perfect eyesight, particularly in the email section.
On a bad week, I have to reply to upwards of 300 emails, and I cannot do it when the colour scheme and fixed text size of the the document on my high res 22 inch monitor is so limited in contrast. So until someone does an upgrade to the beta, I must answer all my emails on my XP machine using Office 2003 or open office.
Another thing - the help system asks you to provide feedback, but the link provided takes you to a site upon which I can find no reference to it.

I will continue to use Windows 7 as a plaything, but will still do my serious work on a tried ans tested over many years XP machine. I ran XP in the same way for two years before using it seriously.

Its a bit like buying a car - never buy the first model out of the showroom. Try it out by all mens, but buy the last one of that model and it will be much improved. Which is why I am still running around in my BMW 728i from 2001 instead of trading it in for a 2009 model - but thats another matter.
Thanks for all your input. It just goes to show that you can please some of the people some of the time, but never all of the people all of the time.
Howard Walker


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Installing Outlook in Win7 Reply to Thread

I totally agree with Howard. I hate the E-Mail program and it's one of the reasons I'm considering ditching 7 and buying a new copy of XP. Is it possible to install and use Outlook Express in Windows 7?

Howard Walker

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Howard, I'm 58, my eyes not so great anymore & from the onset, soo as I laid eyes on it, the 1st thing that impressed me about Office 2010 was how EASY it was to see everything, felt serene (in a way), just more relaxing to find & SEE things.

As for you equating cars to Operating Systems... what you are saying actually does apply (ironically enough) to XP not Windows 7... IT was, indeed, a couple yrs & or a couple Service Packs before XP really had its act together (& still keeps needing patches & security updates)... as opposed to W7 that has its act together right out of the gate.

Now Drew, if Win 7 has its act together right out of the gate, perhaps you can explain why my version has had 37 updates in the last month?

You may find it OK on the eye, but I don't. If I use the magnifier in Win7, it increases in steps of 100%, which is completely useless. I use two screens for web work, and if I turn on the magnifier, the minimum + setting is 200%, which means that my mail message spreads over both screens. The accessibilty options are of little use at all, and most do not work in Outlook 2010.
I turned off the styles on the strip, to see if this would reduce the clutter at the top of the screen (why do you need all these styles on screen all of the time). They went away but so did the only sensible part of the strip - the fonts and text size items which have drop down menus. Or rather they stayed in view, but did not work) Perhaps what I call the strip should be called the ribbon.

Windows 7 has some beautiful features for playing games and surfing the web,and looking pretty, but its basic work tools seem to me to be a little flawed, in particular its filing system which is dificult to use, seems to file things where it wants to rather than where I want it to and has made many of my web tools (notably Dreamweaver, Fireworks and other parts of my Adobe CS4 suite) very difficult to use indeed.

As these programs cost over $2000 in the UK as opposed to half that in the USA, you may be able to see why I will retain my XP machine for work and use the new, twin processor and very fast, 64 bit maximum memory machine that I purchased for running Win 7 just for playing the great chess game that came with it.
When service pack 3 comes out, I may just look at it again.


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I also use CS4 and have had no problem saving files where I want. The filling system is much more sensible than vista and xp. I think probably you are one of these people that doesn't like change. If thats the case then by all means stay with XP but don't slag of something that you obviously don't understand (and probably doesn't want to either).

Windows 7 is the best thing since 98 - I suppose I do have an advantage in the I have used it since beta (as probley has most people on this forum) and then RC and then Microsoft gave me 7 ultimate for free :-D and I class myself as an experienced user (I know - self praise is no praise :p).

By the way I installed XP on a clients laptop and SP3 after which there were 60 critical updates :-O

Anyway - you get on and use XP and those of us who want too will carry on and use 7.



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Outlook 2007

Hi, I have installed Outlook 2007 with Windows 7. I'm having difficulty connecting to my mail servers. Any problems noted with Outlook 2007 and mail servers?