Installing Ubuntu on a multiboot WinXP,Vista,7 system


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I have 2 hard drives, the first has Win 7 RC1 and the second has XP and Vista in their own partitions. The Win 7 boot loader gives me the choice of Win7, Vista and XP when I boot up. The question is: If I install Ubuntu onto the second HD in a currently unoccupied partion, will GRUB (which is sure to take over the booting process, from past experience) still leave me with the 3 choices I have now (assuming I do not select the Ubuntu prompt). I wwould hate to lose the ability to get into the 3 Win systems !

Thanks, Errol

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You should be fine.. If for some reason you don't have all 3 options at boot up then you could use an app like EasyBCD to "fix" the boot manager. It's a great free app that allows you to customize the boot manager to your liking.. ;)

It's available to download here: Download EasyBCD 1.7.2 - An advanced GUI application that makes it easy to modify the Windows Vista bootloader and the entries in it - Softpedia

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