Installing Vista Basic... Screen goes black after "Completing Installation"


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Hello all,
I purchased a Dell Inspiron 6400 about a year ago. It had Vista Basic OEM installed on it. The person I purchased the laptop from also gave me the install disk. A few nights ago the system would not boot. I then tried installing a fresh copy of Vista. Everything goes fine until the "completion screen" then the system goes to a black screen and will not boot. My wifi light is on aswell as the power light and I can hear the disk still spinning. I tried this several times and I finally reloaded an old copy of XP. I checked the device manager and downloaded the drivers needed. I then ran the Vista check for XP SP2 and it said everything was good to go. I then tried to preform an update to Vista and the same issue happened. I did load this verson of Vista to my Toshiba laptop some time ago but it had been out of commission since Feb 2009 I finally purchased a power cord (puppies are awesome!) and powered it up a week ago. It sill says 27 days to purchase a product code. Anyway I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it or not. The specs of my Inspiron 6400 are:

Intel Core Duo 1.73 Ghz

2.5 GB RAM

ATI Mobility Radeon X1300


SigmaTel HD Audio

Not sure what type of MB.

After installing XP there were a few items that needed drivers. EX: WLAN CONTROLLER, LAN CONTROLLER, PCI DEVICE, GRAPHICS CONTROLLER and SM BUS.

I found all of the drivers at and installed them.

Hopefully someone can help me get vista back on my Dell.

Thank you for any advice or solutions.


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first u need to reset your bios setting
then disable boot from network
then make boot setting as
CD rom
disable others
format C partition


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If XP runs fine and Vista results in a blank or black screen, it sounds to me like a video card issue.
Try tapping F8 during the POST and see if choosing, I think it says, low resolution or something like that, will get you over the hump.
In which case, if it does, you'll need to update your video driver with the proper one from Dell's site.
Never mind.... I just realized that this post if from 2010. What the heck.


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using windows vista l cannot use Safe mode with a Command prompt
once l click on it l go back to login start, is there any other way


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May I suggest you start your own thread, as you're more likely to get an answer that way.