Windows 7 Installing Win 7 on New Hard Disk


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Apr 1, 2013
I have Sony Vaio PCG-61411L laptop. Recently, my HDD got crashed so I bought a new HDD. Now, I want to install Win 7 on new HDD. From where should I download a copy of Win 7? I already have licence written back of my laptop.

And where can I download laptop drivers from?

I will assume you have no recovery media with you system and none was made to allow you to restore your system to factory specs.?

This is a link to the Windows 7 SP1 download. There was some discussion earlier that the link may no longer function, so would you please advise if it still works? Make sure and get the correct version.

Drivers will normally come from downloads from the OEM site on a support page for Driver downloads. I don't see your model number on the site I go to, so check your area.
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