Windows 7 Installing Win 7 on Virtual PC

Found this out on the web for those interested...This is a specific tutorial on installing Win 7 on a Virtual disk...
Virtual PC Example

However..keep in mind the Windows 7 Beta and Virtual PC 2007 - Additional Info:
Microsoft Virtual PC

• USB is not supported, although standard peripherals that make use of USB on the host OS are recognized as otherwise

• To facilitate exchange and sharing of files, folders and data between the host operating system and the guest operating system, Virtual PC supports installing Virtual Machine Additions

• Host operating systems
NOTE: Some operating systems that are not officially supported, including Windows Vista Home Premium, Windows XP Media Center Edition, , XP Home Edition, or the Windows 7 Public Beta also work

• Guest operating systems
Virtual PC 2007 supports virtualizing the following operating systems:
Windows 7 Beta (32-bit versions of build 7000)

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Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Release Notes

• Support for 64-bit host operating systems
This release of Virtual PC 2007 supports 64-bit host operating systems. However, there is no support for 64-bit guest operating systems.

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Hi there
if you can afford it then vmware workstation is fine on Windows 7.
You can even run 64 bit guests on W7 32 bit host (so long as the "Intel Virtual" facility is turned on in your BIOS or is enabled by default.
I'm running windows 7 X-64 bit VM on W7 X32 as I can't get the LAN to work on Native Windows 7 X-64 and I still want to test other features.

If you want to use vmware without buying it you can get a 30 day trial or a bit more complicated download (FREE) QEMU to create / customize a virtual machine environment and then use vmware PLAYER (Free) to power on your VM.


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