Installing Win7 From Laptop to my Hard Disk

I have a Desktop Hard Disk, and i want to install a win7 on it from my laptop. I have the DvD and the part where it says which driver you want to install, my Deskop Hard Disk is not there. Is it because I'm using laptop? Is there away to install it from my laptop?

and if you are wondering how am I connecting it to my laptop, the Hard Disk, has a cable (whetever you call it) or a usb connector which came with my Hard Drive and i was able to connect my Desktop Dard Disk, it with the Hard Drive's connector, to my laptop. The only problem is that I cant find this system/driver when I try to install win 7.

The Desktop Hard Disk:

Western Digital 160gb 3.5" Sata (wd1600aajs - Hitachi, Equus & Auto Tools outlet -

The part where I cant find the driver:

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Unless you bought the full Retail version of windows 7 it's not transferable. The Retail can only be used on one computer at a time. You've probably an OEM version on the laptop modified so it has to match that BIOS and cannot be transferred. We don't do cracks and hacks here.

Don't get me wrong, I understand what you mean.
To tell you the truth, I lost my Windows 7. It was when I was disabling my antivirus to play a game, called lineage 2, a virus came and deleted my system, boost, etc... so after I restarted my PC, there was no operating system for the CPU to start with. I'm not sure about it but that is what my friend said, as he is studying about computer engineering.

About a year ago, he got one copy of windows 7 from Future shop, so he let me to install on my PC as well.
But now I lost my Windows 7 and using Windows Vista.

And if you think that I pirated/cracked (whatever you call it) my windows 7, well that is totally wrong, as I have a System Recovery which I can use it to get a fresh Windows Vista, full Activated Genuine. And I know that its much better then having a pirated/cracked one which will eventually fail. If you don't trust me, then I will take a video, pictures, or anything for you to proof that I'm using my Windows Vista now as it was the last option to do.

well, thanks for the big help you guys did. it just shows that how you people think/treat about others. i don't think i should come back to this forum again, hope you all understand why.

Joe S

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Sorry if your feelings got hurt but we do get people here with non genuine versions looking for help. There was one here Mon night. Your original post sounded a bit fishy coping Windows from one computer to another. Try going to the hard drive makers's site and look for the drivers there. Then do a search there is a way to load third party drivers during install.

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