Installing Win7 wierd problem

I'm having a problem installing win7 on my computer, this problem
started after Ive added a new hard drive to my computer, I've been looking all over the net and couldn't find a solution, this is why I'm asking you for it.

When trying to install Win7, I'm booting from my disc,
then the blue windows that is supposed to appear as the first thing
the installations shows appear, but only my cursor appears,
and not the menu where I'm supposed to choose my country and langauge,
therefore, I can't install Win7 .

Here are two pictures to explain it better:

My 19 inch screen:
Imageshack - knzg4eduymmf11.jpg

My 26 inch tv:
Imageshack - vokhjzimzdmw111.jpg

I've tried many things,
I tried to load the installation with one drive while other is disconnected and the contrary.
I thought maybe my DVD-ROM isn't working properly so I took another one from my second computer , where the installation works perfectly, and put it into my machine,
again , it didn't help.

What to do next ??
Thank you very much.

14 hours 108 views and not even one respond ?
It's urgent ,
help me please.


This is simple to fix I think.

Remove your tv and any second monitor before installing.

Make sure only one monitor is attached for video and nothing else.

Thank you.
I've found a solution that worked,
thread can be closed.

You're welcome.

So what was the solution, out of curiosity?

I've read somewhere that I had to do two things to solve it:
1. Disable floppy drive in bios.
2. Let the installation some times.
Guess these two did the magic .

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