Installing Windows 10 via USB flash drive.


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I want to reinstall a fresh Windows 10 OS for the first time, years after using Windows 8.1

I take out the old OS drive, and put in a clean formatted drive for the new OS. Dell sent me a Windows 10 USB stick with this computer, so I'll use that. But now the puzzle of getting everything working begins. After hitting F2, these are my boot options:


Hmm, no way of manually selecting USB flash drive, but lets restart and hit F12. I see this:


Okay, good - the usb flash drive is seen. I select it. Now when it boots up and get the blue screen language/location options, and then this:


Okay, select use a device, and then pick one of these.


Then it boots up to the blue screen options again, regardless if I hit the NIC IPV4 or IPV6 options. I've even tried hitting the 'Exit and continue to Windows 10' option, and it will boot back to the blue screen options again.

Do I need to change from UEFI to Legacy, and have Secure Boot Off? Need some help here.



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Ooh, I think you're right. I just looked at the slip of paper in the usb drive plastic baggy, and it reads "Windows 10 Recovery Media for Windows 10 Products". Would I find drivers to my installed devices on that? See attached image of the root of the drive.

Anyway, looks like I'll have to create my own Windows 10 install media.


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