Installing Windows 7 on an SSD

Hi all,

Im having quite some trouble to install windows 7 on my new SSD drive.
When i reboot without the old HDD the windows cd doesn't start up. So i tried to run the CD while under windows on the old HDD, which did work, BUT now i only have 8gig install on the SSD and its only a boot drive not a system one.
Anyone experienced that kind of issues? Could it be that my motherboard is to old? I did have some issues to run the SSD alone, bios didn't recognise it quite often.

CPU - Core Duo E6500
Motherboard - Asus P5VD2-VM
RAM - 2 gig
old HDD - Samsung IDE 250 gig ( about 10y old )
new HDD - SSD Onyx 32gig + Samsung 1T both SATA

Kind regards,

First of all lets start by removing your old drive

Install the ssd on the sata 0 port

reboot and in bios select the ssd as the second boot device

make sure that your dvd drive is the first boot device

start installation

select the whole device instead of creating any partition

viola its done



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