Installing Windows 7 on Older Computer

Basically, my friend has this really old PC on which he's currently running Windows XP. We've been doing some upgrades, and it now has a 2GHz single-core processor and a decent Radeon 8000 graphics card, but still only 256MB of RAM. This is because it only has 2 memory slots available and the max that each one can hold is 256MB.

Rather than buying another 256 memory stick, which wouldn't have provided a huge speed boost anyway, he bought and installed eBoostr. It basically lets you use a USB flash drive as RAM. His computer is running with 4.3 GB of memory now, but obviously the trick only works while his flash drive plugged in and eBoostr is installed and running in the background.

He wants to install Windows 7, but it can only detect the 256MB of built-in memory and refuses to perform the installation. I know that if we could get past that somehow and install eBoostr, Windows 7 would fly on his computer ... but is there any way past this barrier?


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Check Microsoft's site for minimum requirements.

Windows 7 System Requirements

Truthfully I think you need more to make it run faster and get good score in the Performance Information and Tools

I've always considered Microsoft's specs to be ridiculous. yes it will run on those specs, but what about when you start loading 3rd party applications.


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