Installing Windows 7 Proffessional (free version) with checked/debug build product key

I accidently downloaded the Windows 7 Professional checked/debug build from the MSDNAA, as opposed to the regular retail (free) version.

I have the product key for the checked/debug build version, would the product key from that work on the retail version? I only get one download of windows 7, so I can't just go back and download the non checked/debug build.

I have the exact same question. Was there ever a response to this?

I have the same question. not sure how to solve it.

I'm pretty sure the short answer is, NO. Beyond that, do the install, then phone MS & explain... they'll sort it out for you.



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I think MS will refer you back to the head of your educational department, as the rules are interpreted differnetly in a few cases.

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