Installing Windows 8 Build 7989 on VMware.


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Aug 30, 2011

Just joined this forum and I love it.

I downloaded Windows 8 Build 7989 and can I anyone tell me how to install it on my VMware? It asks me which host to install? Windows 7, Winodws Server 2008 etc. Can anyone please tell me?

Filename: 6.2.7989.0.amd64fre.winmain.110421-1825.iso
Filesize: 3.54 GB

Please help me.

Thank You.
- MrX.

It is absolutely not compatible with VMWare right now. Use VirutalBox.

I installed VirtualBox 4.1.2. Now what to do? I clicked New > Typed the name of the OS, but what should I select on the OS type??? Please reply A.S.A.P?

Choose windows and as the secondary pulldown look for other windows os. If that doesn't work just choose other and let VB figure out what it is.